About us

The Center for Outcomes Research and Clinical Epidemiology (CORESEARCH) has been founded by a team of researchers with a record of over 25 years of experience in the field of clinical epidemiology of chronic diseases and advanced statistical methods applied to biomedical research.

CORESEARCH scientists and experts are authors of over 250 articles published in indexed international scientific journals, including The Lancet, JAMA, Annals of Internal Medicine, BMJ, Archives of Internal Medicine, Diabetes Care, Diabetologia, Journal of the National Cancer Institute , Journal of Clinical Oncology.

The main areas of expertise include:

  • Design, management and analysis of controlled clinical trials and observational studies
  • Conduction of systematic reviews and meta-analyses
  • Assessment of the quality of care and quality of life
  • Analysis of large administrative databases and real world data, with particular focus on clinical, social and economic outcomes
  • Setting-up of disease registries

The multidisciplinar approaches are used for the study of drugs, devices, healthcare strategies, telecare/telemedicine, clinical epidemiology and public health evaluations.

At CORESEARCH multiple specialized background, deriving from studies in medicine, pharmacy and pharmacology, biotechnology, statistics and informatics, are well integrated. This variety characterizes the team work, which is distinguished by the ability to translate sophisticated methodological and statistical approaches into concrete and valuable resources from a clinical point of view.

The activities are divided into three main areas::

CORESEARCH acts as a Clinical Research Organization (CRO; Ministerial Decree Nov 15, 2011) and is also member of the no-profit research European network Ecrin/Ita-Crin.


Antonio Nicolucci, MD

Antonio Nicolucci, MD

Maria Chiara Rossi

Maria Chiara Rossi
Clinical Project Manager

Michele Sacco

Michele Sacco, MD
Clinical Project Manager

Giorgia De Berardis

Giorgia De Berardis
Clinical Project Manager

Giuseppe Prosperini, Clinical Project Manager

Giuseppe Prosperini
Clinical Project Manager

Giuseppe Lucisano, Biostatistician and SAS programmer

Giuseppe Lucisano
Biostatistician and SAS programmer

Giusi Graziano, Biostatistician

Giusi Graziano
PhD Stat

Alessandra Di Lelio, Clinical Research Associate

Alessandra Di Lelio, MD
Clinical Research Associate

Eliseo Serone, Clinical Research Associate

Eliseo Serone, PhD
Clinical Research Associate

Riccarda Memmo, Executive Assistant

Riccarda Memmo
Executive Assistant

Rosalia Di Lallo, Executive Assistant

Rosalia Di Lallo
Executive Assistant

Valentina De Thomasis, Quality Assurance

Valentina De Thomasis
Quality Assurance

Antonio D'Ettorre, Datamining developer

Antonio D’Ettorre
Datamining developer

Donatella Corrado, Web developer

Donatella Corrado
Web developer