CORESEARCH staff has a huge experience in the design and analysis of randomized clinical trials and observational studies, as well as in analysis of administrative databases and experimental research.

Regarding project design, main activities include:

  • Development or revision of protocols
  • Preparation of statistical analysis plans (SAP)
  • Writing of paragraphs on statistical methods a/o results of scientific articles.

Through the use and development of advanced programs, data analysis and generation of tables, listings and figures according to the required standards is ensured.

The applied statistical techniques include:

  • Sample size computation (e.g. for observational studies or non-inferiority/equivalence/superiority randomized clinical trials)
  • Prediction models and building of risk engines (for creation/validation/comparison of diagnostic tests a/o “scores” able to quantify the strength of the association with the outcome, in terms of calibration, discrimination and reclassification as well)
  • Hierarchical Generalized Linear Models (valid for the analysis of binomial outcome, linear, rare a/o count)
  • Analysis of longitudinal data (for the study of repeated measurements over time)
  • Survival Analysis (e.g. Cox models, Kaplan-Meier curves)
  • Tree-based classification algorithms and Random Forests (for risk stratification and selection/validation/permutation of the factors associated with the outcome in the study, particularly useful for the implementation in routine clinical practice)
  • Advanced methods of meta-analysis and meta-regression (asymptotic or exact, fixed or random effects, dose-response, network meta-analysis for indirect comparisons)
  • Advanced methods in statistics and bioinformatics for biology and genetics (Microarray Data)
  • Bayesian statistics (based on the use of a priori probabilities for the studied effect)
  • PropensitysScore and marginal structural models methodology in observational studies (for the mimicking of randomized experimental designs)
  • Explorative statistics (principal component analysis, factorial analysis, cluster analysis, path analysis)
  • Psychometric validation of questionnaires on quality of life (factor analysis, item-scale correlation, internal consistency reliability, convergent and discriminant validity, criterion validity, test-retest reliability)
  • Accuracy rating of instruments for measuring blood glucose (consensus error grid analysis, Clark error grid analysis, Bland-Altman bias plot, Passing-Bablok regression, MARD)


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