In recent years, growing focus has been paid to the use of large administrative databases for clinical and epidemiological purposes.

Indeed, administrative data (drug Rx’s, outpatient services, hospitalizations, etc.) may provide valuable information on drug utilization, compliance, morbidity, use of resources and healthcare costs.

Concomitantly, specific statistical techniques have been developed, in order to minimize potential biases that may occurr from observational studies.

CORESEARCH epidemiologists accrued extensive experience over the years in the linkage of administrative databases and the use of information for clinical and epidemiological purposes, by developing an innovative linkage system (RISS-H) and by applying state-of-the-art statistical techniques (propensity score matching, marginal structural models, predictive scores development).

Thanks to all these techniques, the analysis of large databases can strongly promote the acquisition of new knowledge, and support the healthcare organization and resources allocation.

In collaboration with the Italian Multiple Sclerosis Foundation (FISM) and the Mario Negri Institute IRCCS, CORESEARCH is responsible for the management of the Italian Multiple Sclerosis Registry



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