www.coresearch.it, the information and educational web resource of CORESEARCH led by the clinical epidemiologist Antonio Nicolucci MD, is now online.


CORESEARCH is the company name that shortly identifies the CENTER FOR OUTCOMES RESEARCH AND CLINICAL EPIDEMIOLOGY headquartered in Pescara (Italy): a multidisciplinary team of experts and researchers with over 25 years of clinical epidemiology and application of advanced statistical techniques for biomedical research.

CORESEARCH members are authors of over 250 research articles and metanalyses published on major international indexed scientific medical journals.

The epidemiological and bio-statistics Company participates in numerous collaborative study initiatives with Public Health Institutions and Scientific Societies.

CORESEARCH also conducts research and educational activities supported by pharmaceutical and medical devices companies.

www.coresearch.it is online mainly to inform on services and projects of a medical-scientific research entity with such a wide and articulate curriculum.

Web pages are focused on ongoing research lines and new CORESEARCH projects, and substantial space is dedicated to the rich offer of specialized services and packages for high-level education programs designed for professionals from health/life sciences institutions and companies.

The website also is addressed to establish a place stimulating debate and updating on relevant topics regarding the epidemiology of chronic and rare diseases, clinical pharmacology, quality of health care and health system.


web address https://www.coresearch.it



Dr. Antonio Nicolucci

CORESEARCH – Center for Outcomes Research and Clinical Epidemiology, Ltd.

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65124 Pescara (Ita)

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