Delivering education

CORESEARCH team has extensive training experience in the field of research methodology, evidence based medicine and statistics.

The increasing request for participation in experimental clinical trials and observational studies and the desire to use data from routine clinical practice for research purposes or continuous improvement compel healthcare professionals to enrich their knowledge regarding the principles of the methodology.
Similarly, a need to master all necessary tools to read and critically interpret scientific articles on the efficacy of medical interventions is strongly felt.
Training on all these aspects is seen as a real need, given the substantial lack in undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

From the clinical trial promoters’ standpoint , whether public organizations or private companies, to keep the centers staff trained and skilled in the management of experimental or observational studies is definitely a strong point to ensure the success of research.

Thanks to the direct involvement in the design and management of a large number of studies, CORESEARCH staff can offer training courses on a wide range of topics, including:

  • Design, management, analysis and monitoring of controlled clinical trials according to GCP
  • Design, conduct and analysis of observational studies, with a focus on “real world data” and analysis of large databases
  • Design, conduct and analysis of meta-analyses and systematic reviews
  • Principles of Evidence Based Medicine
  • Critical reading of scientific papers reporting results from experimental, observational studies and meta-analyses
  • Guidelines, consensus conferences and technology assessment
  • Outcomes research: assessment of clinical outcomes, quality of life and costs
  • Basic statistics
  • Advanced statistics
The courses are aimed at any professional working in the medical sector (hospital doctors, general practitioners, nurses, hospital pharmacists, staff in healthcare organizations); sessions include practical exercises and are purposefully conducted to be readily understandable and usable by people with no advanced skills in specific areas.