The Presidents of IBDO Foundation, the Italian Society of Obesity (SIO) and CORESEARCH are pleased to announce the confirmation collaboration with the National Institute of Statistics (ISTAT) for the synergistic activity in support of the Italian Barometer Diabetes and Obesity Report.

As pointed out jointly by the three Presidents (Prof. Renato Lauro of IBDO Foundation, Prof. Paul Sbraccia of SIO and Dr. Antonio Nicolucci of CORESEARCH), ” for ten years now, the Italian Barometer Diabetes and Obesity Report is being produced. Thanks to the contribution of institutional qualified experts, the IBDO report encourages the dialogue and institutional insights on the main issues regarding diabetes and obesity in our country through the systematic review of international and national data of these two diseases, in the belief that the synergy between institutions, research organizations, universities and scientific societies is a prerequisite for implementing an effective intervention of prevention of obesity and diabetes mellitus.”

The Italian Barometer Diabetes and Obesity Report over the years has become an appreciated tool and useful in the field of health planning, receiving the appreciation and support of both the Ministry of Health and National Institute of Health.

In an official statement, the ISTAT President Prof. Giorgio Raise has commented on the consolidation of the partnership “I strongly believe in the importance of the study on diseases that represent a social problem of so huge relevance. It is with great pleasure that I reiterate availability of the Institute that I chair to continue the collaboration already undertaken”.