Commitment to research

The commitment to research is a fundamental prerogative of CORESEARCH staff. This activity translates not only in the conduction of its own original projects, but also in the attitude to include innovative and cutting-edge methodological elements in each service activity.

Research takes place mainly, but not exclusively, in the area of chronic diseases, and focuses on the following topics:

  • The production of new scientific evidence regarding disease treatments and risk factors
  • The application of research methodology for the demonstration of efficacy of non-pharmacological interventions (new technologies, telemedicine and telecare, healthcare models, educational models)
  • The evaluation of the transferability of evidence to routine clinical practice (effectiveness research)
  • The evaluation of clinical, social and economic outcomes of assistance (outcomes research)
Ongoing activities include several research areas: diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, kidney diseases, hematology and oncohematology, cancer and other thyroid diseases, liver transplantation.

To pursue these goals, CORESEARCH has expertise and best in class methodological and statistical tools, developed during 25 years of activity.

The accomplished research testifies the high level of innovation that has always characterized the studies carried out.

Researchers of CORESEARCH were among the first in the world to introduce meta-analysis techniques and the principles of evidence based medicine in diabetology. Thanks to projects like the QuED (Quality and Outcomes in Diabetes), they spread in Italy the concepts of measurement and continuous improvement of the quality of care, and formalized for the first time the introduction of patient-centered measures (life, satisfaction) between the quality of care indicators.

The ability to look at data with “researcher’s eyes” also qualifies the analysis of large administrative databases, which have been stripped of their “accounting data” nature and transformed into a precious and irreplaceable source of clinical and epidemiological information to support clinical and strategic decisions.

The quality of the research conducted by CORESEARCH team is testified by over 250 publications in peer reviewed international journals, including some of the most prestigious (The Lancet, JAMA, Annals of Internal Medicine, BMJ, Archives of Internal Medicine, Diabetes Care, Diabetologia, the Journal of National Cancer Institute, Journal of Clinical Oncology) and by the collaboration with Italian and foreign universities, research centers, scientific societies and pharmaceutical and biomedical devices companies.         (Go to Published Articles list page)