Efficacy of self-monitoring blood glucose in the context of a chronic care model for type 2 diabetes patients treated with oral agents only

Introduction. The Chronic Care Model (CCM) focused on the person is recognized as the ideal model of care for chronic disease management; empowerment is a prerequisite for a person included in a CCM. In diabetes, home blood glucose monitoring might be a fundamental tool for patients to gain awareness of their condition, develop skills of self-management, understand how to navigate the system and feel themselves as a responsible part of the care process.

Aims. The Self-Care Study has been designed to assess whether a person-centered CCM developed by Dr. Nicoletta Musacchio (educational model SINERGIA, Diabet Med 2011; 28: 724-30) and conducted with the aid of a technologically advanced glucometer (BGStar) can improve the metabolic and risk factors control and the perception/management skills of the disease compared with usual care.

Type of study. Randomized, multicenter, controlled parallel group (1: 1) study

Population. 241 patients with type 2 diabetes not treated with insulin at their first visit in diabetes services

Centers. 21 Italian diabetes centers

Sanofi SpA, Italy

Sanofi SpA, Italy

Study completed


  1. Musacchio N, Ciullo I, Scardapane M, Giancaterini A, Pessina L, Maino S, Gaiofatto R, Nicolucci A, Rossi MC; Self-Care Study Group. Efficacy of self-monitoring blood glucose as a key component of a chronic care model versus usual care in type 2 diabetes patients treated with oral agents: results of a randomized trial. Acta Diabetol 2018; 55: 295-299