ECRIN-ItaCRIN, IBDO-Italian Barometer Diabetes Observatory Foundation, HealthCity Institute, ITCO-Italian Thyroid Cancer Observatory


ECRIN (European Clinical Research Infrastructures Network) is the pan-European infrastructure dedicated to the promotion of multinational clinical research, with particular reference to independent research.

Its goal is to facilitate the conduction of multinational clinical trials by providing information, advice and services for clinical trials, both in the study protocol preparation and during the conduction of the study.

In November 2013, the infrastructure has been recognized as a European Research Consortium (European Research Infrastructures Consortium – ERIC), thus becoming a legal entity identified by the European Commission, the ECRIN-ERIC.

As part of the network ECRIN, under the direction of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità, ItaCRIN acts in Italy, bringing together service facilities in a network (CRC CTU) that offers specific expertise and quality services for multinational clinical studies in order to promote national and international clinical research in a more effective and productive way. Through the network, ItaCRIN offers Italian physicians and researchers the opportunity to perform or take part in international projects. The possibility of having access to a facilitation system of clinical multinational research is judged, in fact, crucial at both European and national level for the scientific progress of our country and Europe, especially in areas of research that can better take advantage from the international collaboration (rare diseases, oncology, neurology, cardiovascular diseases, infectious diseases).

CORESEARCH is one of the Clinical Trials Unit identified in Italy as a unit of clinical trials management (primarily randomized), intervention, prognostic, diagnostic, carrying out activities that include study design, organization, logistics, selection of centers, data management, monitoring, data analysis and reporting.


IBDO-Italian Barometer Diabetes Observatory Foundation

IBDO began as a model of modern Think Tank on diabetes in the certainty that this disease today must be addressed through a continuous dialogue on clinical, social, economic and health policy issues.

The structured comparison, analysis and continuous monitoring of the data allow the evaluation of several indicators to identify short, medium and long term strategies aimed at determine definite disease management changes.

IBDO Foundation was called to join as institutional member of important international groups that deal with public health, such as the European Public Health Association, together with the Health Ministries of the European countries, including the Italian, and important International research Institutions.

The ambition is to make the Observatory a cross-sector partnership model between institutions, scientific societies, patient associations, universities and all stakeholders involved in the fight against diabetes, to create a tool that gives organic and systematic organization to the numerous initiatives on diabetes.

It is the first observatory on diabetes worldwide that sees the involvement of universities, governmental and parliamentary institutions, Scientific Societies and Companies.

CORESEARCH is an official IBDO partner and is responsible for periodic analysis of data on the clinical, social and economic impact of diabetes and obesity in Italy. Dr. Antonio Nicolucci is Director of the IBDO Data Analysis Board.


HealthCity Institute

HealthCity Institute is an independent non-political and non-profit “Health Tank”, born as a civic response to the urgent need to study the determinants of health in cities.

HealthCity Institute consists of a group of professionals who have excelled in their field working in a personal initiative and pro bono to make the concrete and impacting proposals in order to identify acting priorities to promote health in the cities.

The intent is to aggregate people of the highest integrity and motivated by a strong civic passion coming from professional environment, industry, finance, entrepreneurship, innovation, consulting, academia, government, judiciary, culture, science and the media, putting their skills to the service of country, institutions and municipalities.

Dott. Antonio Nicolucci is reference expert of HealthCity Institute for clinico-epidemiological aspects and is a member of the Data Analysis Board.


ITCO – Italian Thyroid Cancer Observatory

The Scientific-Cultural “ITALIAN THYROID CANCER OBSERVATORY Foundation” (ITCO Foundation) interests all those involved in various ways in healthcare, research, coordination, communication and management of nodular thyroid disease and thyroid cancer.

ITCO Foundation was created as a modern platform model with the aim of creating a place where all participating members can meet and develop cultural progress regarding nodular thyroid disease and thyroid cancer in the certainty that this disease today must be addressed through a continuous dialogue on clinical, social, economic and health policy issues.

From the convergence of experiences and knowledge, the Foundation is aimed to measure the entity of a phenomenon (increase in the prevalence of thyroid nodules and incidence of the thyroid carcinomas, the latter tripled in the last decade especially in females), identify the causes, disseminate treatment strategies and optimal and standardized monitoring, in agreement with the international guidelines but also in the light of the different local healthcare services.

CORESEARCH is responsible for the analysis of data produced by the activities of ITCO.